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( are for my time & Companionship only)

Massage sessions

(My hands will take complete care of you)

Attention !!

I currently don't have an incall 

Therefore massage services are suspended for the time being. 

  • 30min  : 150$

  • 60min : 200$

  • Additional 30min : 100​$


*Half & Half

(3+h can include dinner date)


    I rent a space per booking as I don't have an incall at the moment.

2h + preferred

Incall / Outcall &Tour 

  • 30min  N/A/250$

  • 45min N/A/300$

  • 60min420$/350$

  • 90min600$/550$

  • 2hrs  720$/700$

  • 3hrs 1000$/1000$

  • 4hrs 1250$/1200$

  • 5hrs 1500$/1500$

For Outcalls a fee will be added pending on the distance, ranging between 50$-100$

Mix of social & personal time together.

Longer Dates & Travel

mix of social & personal time together

12h : 2500$


24h : 5000$


48h 8000$

Additional days past  initial 48h


Social Date 

  • Dinner Date

  • hiking / outdoors activities

  • Hockey / Football game

  • "Couples" Class        (Dance, painting, art, glass blowing class..lots of possibilities)

  • picnic & slow walk along the water
  • Netflix & cuddle
  • ***Your Idea here ***


200 $ for the first hour

  then 100$/h

PSE Session
Fetishes & special inquiries

 Rates upon request

I prefer meeting once before so we can talk about your desires and/or requests, its also a great opportunity to see our chemistry and see if the request works for both parties then.
At that moment we shall discuss more into depth.

*I am most fetish friendly

Duo's & 4 hands massage

With established clients
( either mine or Stella's)
will be required.
text us for more info.
Stella can be found on Twitter: @stellababexoxo4


looking for a Unicorn.


600$ per hour.

special price for multi hour Couple play.

Restrictions & Extra info

  • I accept NDA's just mention it when booking. 

  • No Bareback services, only safe play

  • sessions are YMMV, creating a connection will get you the best times.

  • Greek ;  Never on first session/booking/Date, it is to my discretion to accept or decline at all times. extra donation on top of companionship will be required & I need 24hours notice minimum for that type of play. * if my body permits.

  • For Pegging, please do an enema before our appointment, to make it a pleasurable experience for both of us.

  • I rent an amazing venue for our play so I need 24 - 48h minimum to try to ensure availability of my incall. If possible more notice the better, I will require a deposit for every booking inquiry, for me to secure the venue, if you cancel short notice, I will lose the deposit to the rental of the venue and will need a new deposit for all bookings as It cannot be carried on for rescheduling.

*The massage oil used is spa grade GrapeSeed oil*


 Odorless, hypoallergenic, light silky texture (non greasy), helps tighten skin, prevents clogged pores and oily skin, contains high amount of vitamin A & E (great for dry skin), anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties... and so much more health benefits.

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